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About Us

The People Behind this HyperFund Community Resource


Our Vision

This website has been developed independently by a group of individuals who achieved life-changing wealth and success by making the decision to become part of the HyperFund Community.

We would love you to be part of our amazing HyperFund community enjoying all the benefits members have as we enter a whole new world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), banking and product services through Cryptocurrencies (Cryptos).

This website is a resource tool for new and existing members.  We aim to keep latest information available as the HyperFund universe of membership keeps expanding, and the world of cryptocurrencies changes and develops.

On Behalf of all HyperFund members we would like to thank and salute the visionary leaders and staff of HyperFund and HyperTech Group that allows us, everyday normal persons, the opportunity to make life-changing wealth and success possible by being members leading to the overall goal of financial freedom.

Your willingness to make the world a better place by sharing and caring by providing this membership opportunity and benefits leads us in inspiration to share the same opportunity and blessings to others.

Top Achievers and Contributors


Rory Conacher

Rory Conacher ventured into the formal sector when he was seconded as a specialist into the banking sector.  Since leaving the corporate world in 2010, he has built several businesses across a spectrum of industries.  He has been involved with cryptocurrencies for over 6 years, including trading, mining, fund management and asset tokenisation to name some of the areas of focused. Rory has found a way to bridge “traditional” banking and the “new” (digital) way of banking.

Rory acknowledges that Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and should be managed with caution.  Therefore, he devotes much of his time to educating people about cryptos, to minimise their risk while optimising the opportunities.  Due to his vast experience and having been “burnt” before with other “schemes”, he researched HyperFund for 3 months before becoming a member in April 2020.  He achieved VIP 5-star level in January 2021, with a strong foundation in South Africa, but with teams in several other countries too.  He believes that HyperFund has a strong, supportive community and is a great opportunity that he is passionate to share with others to provide them with the potential for financial freedom. ‘

“Sweating and leveraging” traditional assets is one of his preferred ways to multiply and make money.  That said, one should always have a balanced portfolio and keep learning and growing to adjust course as required.

This website is Rory’s way of supporting the community.  When it comes crypto there is just as much bad information as good.  The objective is to provide credible and correct information as a starting point for both new and experienced “cryptonites” to help educate and empower people in the broader Cryptocurrency space. He explains that his own learnings came from others, and therefore he wants to provide the best information to facilitate the growth of the HyperCommunity.  Rory sees this site as “’our site”: a community site where ALL can add value in a safe space in which they share with and learn from each other.

His ultimate dream is to pass on his own success and learnings, so that poverty or risk of losing work is a thing of the past.

He has a vision to contribute a significant portion of his earnings to provide sustainable support for causes close to his heart, and the hearts of other people in his team.  He always says to those who benefit from the HyperFund opportunity to “just bless one other person.”

He is based in the seaside resort town of Umdloti, Kwazulu-Natal, on the east coast of South Africa.  (look it up!)


Adrian Steven

Adrian Steven lives in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa.  He is married to Jeanine and has 2 daughters, Bethany (22) and Rachael (17).  He has a background in IT Sales & Systems Integration and he loves sound and gadgets.  He started his crypto journey in 2013 mining bitcoin and has progressed from there and loves the freedom of cryptocurrencies.  Adrian joined HyperFund in April 2020 and has never looked back. He says it is by far the safest and most reliable solution he has ever experienced and encourages others to use this website resource to investigate and learn more.


Graham Phillips

My name is Graham Phillip’s born and bred in this amazing country Zimbabwe. Worked in corporate after leaving school and for 30 years was subject to the lie of working and one day retiring. Saw the light in 2015 when bitcoin was at $450 and never looked back since. Retired , financially free and have an amazing vision for Crypto in Zimbabwe and for every person. Now trading crypto ,networking and loving the journey. Whole family in crypto so as a family we are liberated and not dependent on the economy of Zimbabwe.  Best day of my life was when someone took the time to tell me about crypto.


Thinus Pool

I live in Cape Town South Africa and am married to Dini-Jacqueline Pool. I am the founder and director of Crypto Community Partners. I have been involved with Crypto from 2016 and am passionate about the decentralized monitory system and the power of Blockchain.

I partner with like-minded organizations and stake holders who also have a passion to create decentralized wealth through crypto and other fourth quadrant assets.

I don’t believe in exchanging or selling time for money but rather to acquire assets that will produce passive income streams.

Crypto Community Partners do not see Crypto as money but rather as an asset that we can use as security to borrow against for maximum leverage of financial wealth.

Hyperfund is a leader in global blockchain technology and being an independent partner of Hyperfund Global, believe that I can help more people benefit from the digital revolution of blockchain without being exposed to the volatility of the crypto market.

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