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It is the responsibility of all HyperFund members to understand their obligations.



HyperFund is a global project, and is subject to regulations and laws in all jurisdictions in which it operates.  A set of rules and guidelines have been developed which outline the contractual relationship between the Company and its members.  Each member is take the time to know the details of the relevant documents, and the potential penalties that could be incurred for non-compliance.

HyperFund Service Agreement

This document covers all legal and regulatory areas regarding the agreement between members and the company.  This includes the Service Agreement, Code of Conduct and Social Media Guidelines.

Compliance Marketing Guidelines

This document provides detailed rules and advice for community builders who create any form of marketing materials to engage with potential new members.  It is imperative the all content accurately represents HyperFund, and these guidelines should be strictly applied.

HyperFund Compliance Basics

This is a simple summary of the compliance obligations of all members, and the potential consequences of non-adherance.

HyperFund Disclaimers

These two documents should be used by members at every presentation about HyperFund to potential new members.

Training on Compliance

This is a training session delivered by the HyperFund Compliance Officer, Hope Hill, to assist members in understanding the details of the Service Agreement and Marketing Guidelines.

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