Why is my Pending Rewards balance inaccurate?

Simply put, it is not possible for your pending rewards balance to be inaccurate. It is simply the summation of the remaining balance of all your memberships and rebuys.

If you wish to verify it, simply click on the ‘Purchased Package List’ located on the top-right corner of your homepage to check.

No, it is not possible for your 50 HU rebuy to give you less than 150 HU in pending rewards. What happened is that your rewards were still being disbursed when you did your rebuy, which is why your total pending rewards balance did not go up by exactly 150 HU.


You have 1000 HU in total pending rewards.

You bought a 50 HU rebuy that gave you 150 HU in pending rewards.

You received your daily rewards for the day, amounting to 75 HU.

Your total pending rewards balance is now at 1000 + 150 – 75 = 1075.