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HyperFund Overview

HyperFund is all about assisting and building a greater community
while addressing the income inequality gap around the world.


What is HyperFund

HyperFund is led by HyperTech Group CEO, Jayden Wei, which is the brainchild of crypto giants Ryan Xu and Sam Lee.  HyperFund’s overall plan and vision is to transform the world economy and accelerate the move towards and adoption of blockchain technology.  Key goals, among others, are to create an active community of 30 million members connected to a DeFi ecosystem using group tailored products and service platforms. 

  • The HyperTech Group, a conglomerate of Blockchain companies, Collinstar, HCash and Blockchain Global, launched and supports the HyperFund. The group also has alliance with hundreds of additional affiliated companies.
  • The company’s vision is to advance Blockchain Technology through educational centres around the world, and to provide ordinary people with the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.
  • HyperFund is a DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem that provides a decentralized financial infrastructure complimented with additional services for digital currency users.
  • HyperFund invites members of the public from anywhere in the world to join the community by purchasing a membership and earn accelerated rewards.

HyperFund Membership

HyperFund membership is open to everyone in countries where it is permitted by local regulations. Anyone can purchase any number of HyperFund memberships or combination thereof. Currently, there are no limitations on the number of or total value of memberships.

  • Membership packages are priced in USDT (tether dollars) at selected values of $300, $500 or $1000.
  • 1 USDT has the same valuation as 1 American Dollar (USD), and $1000 USDT holds the same value as $1000 American dollars.
  • The entry level membership package is priced at $300.
  • The membership entitles members to HU rewards at a daily rate of 0.5% until 3 times the value of the package(s) purchased is reached.
  • 1 HU = 1 Hyper Unit.  This is an internal designation of HyperFund Rewards, and is equal to 1 USD, which, in turn has the same value as 1 USDT (Tether). 

HyperFund Rewards

The standard structure for earning rewards is as follows :

  • Rewards are paid, daily, at a rate of 0.5% of the value of the membership owned.
  • Rewards continue to be paid until 3x the value of the membership is reached.
  • At any point in time, HyperTech determines the reward multiplier and the daily reward rate.

Members should identify their own strategies which meet their needs, and then structure their memberships to achieve optimal rewards for themselves and family members.

Once rewards have accumulated to at least 50HU, members have two options.

  1. Redeem these rewards, convert them to digital currency, and withdraw them from HyperFund.
  2. Use these rewards internally to purchase a new membership, thereby earning additional rewards from this “rebuy”. Any such purchased membership will then be paid daily rewards of at least 0.5% of membership owned, until 3 times the membership value is reached.

Types of Membership

Passive Membership (Member Only)
Purchase HyperFund membership packages and earn membership rewards. Different strategies could result in greater returns.

Active Membership (Member and Community Builder)
By sharing the HyperFund opportunity with other people you will earn accelerated rewards that will allow you to access to your pending rewards more quickly. 

HyperFund in More Detail

This is certainly not a simple process and can be confusing for many.  Once you have registered to join this website community, you will have access to more detailed explanations of the processes and suggestions for strategy options.

For more information, you can access the following official Company Websites :

Additional Resources:
Videos & Documents

Below are some videos and downloadable material which provides more detailed explanations of HyperFund .


Introduction from Sam Lee


HyperTech Group Ecosystem


HyperFund Opportunity


HyperFund Overview

More Resources are available to you, once you have registered on the site.

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