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Gerard Kavonic

My name is Gerard Kavonic, I’m a resident in Johannesburg, South Africa and I’ve been in cryptocurrencies for a good six years. By the time you read this, I will be in line to be a registered crypto asset provider in South Africa allowing me not to provide financial advice, but to share my experiences in the cryptocurrency space. Aside from accumulating crypto tokens I believe to have growth potential, I was amongst the first to have joined Hyperfund in Africa. This can easily go down as one of my best decisions ever – simply because it has been absolutely life-changing. In less than 18 months, I have gone from being severely cash-strapped to being more than comfortable. Whilst currently VIP3, I will be VIP4 shortly and before long, V5.

My wife Kim and our two sons (one at university and one at school) are now also in Hyperfund, and collectively, we are hugely excited about the future. Anyone reading this and still having doubts about Hyperfund should very quickly cast those doubts aside, because this is the real deal and I am seriously indebted to the two people who did their due diligence and essentially, got me in.

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